Driving Microsoft 365 / Office 365 Adoption Workshop


Driving Microsoft 365 Adoption through instructor led online training and storybased video tutorials.

Then we will do that for you! We offer a Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 /Office 365 Adoption Workshop, where one of our productivity experts guides you through the process and helps you develop a strategy customized to your needs.

Organizations with more than a 1000 end-users adopting Microsoft Teams, are eligible for getting the workshop financed by Microsoft. If the above does not apply to you, We will happily conduct the workshop at a reduced price of 1,700 USD.

Attend the four modules and walk away with tools to:

  • Understand the benefits of empowerment, motivation and delegation
  • Learn to influence colleagues and suppliers effectively and remotely
  • Drive continuous improvement by raising performance standards of those around you
  • Build great esprit de corps : empowering your remote team to reach new goals
  • Build your team’s skill set
  • Learn the dimensions of trust and its importance
  • Set meaningful objectives
  • Understand the importance of reporting for remote teams


Pre-engagement meeting (1 hour)

  • Current state – what is being used and how?
  • Goals setting – what is the desired outcome?
  • Stakeholders – who should participate?
  • Ongoing initiatives – are there any other ongoing initiatives to consider?
  • Date – when do we do the workshop?
  • Agenda – how do we structure the workshop?

Business Decision Maker workshop (3 hours)

  • Key outcomes – what are we going to achieve today?
  • Envisioning – how is Teams and Microsoft 365 / Office 365 transforming the workplace?
  • Usage scenarios – how could this be applied to various user groups?
  • Executive sponsorshipwho needs to sponsor this to ensure success?

Adoption planning workshop (2 hours)

  • Champions program – how do we implement a champions program?
  • Training plan – how do we raise the general level of know-how?
  • Communication plan – how do we communicate to end-users?
  • Adoption plan – how do we tie it all together and build a foundation for the future?

Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp Offer


Become a digital workplace champion in the “New Normal”

Welcome to this one-of a kind Microsoft 365 Mini Bootcamp

During the past few months organisations have had to adjust to new ways of working and communicating. More and more we are needing to improve our existing skills and also learn new office tools to make you and those that you support more effective and efficient.

Even as we emerge from the current crisis to the “New Normal” things are going to change and only those who have mastered the modern digital tools and platforms will survive and shine through.

Make sure that one of those is YOU!

Microsoft 365 holds the key to the modern workplace, now more than ever, but do YOU know how to reap the benefits and show your worth to your boss and colleagues?

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